Susan Greenaway

My work is inspired by an interest in contemporary architecture including buildings such as Lloyds of London and the Experian Landmark or ‘Blue Cube’ building in Nottingham. The concept of managed transparency led to an investigation of a range of construction materials resulting in an absolute focus on the potential and properties of Perspex. The works are the result of experimentation with building, lighting and manipulating of small Perspex maquettes. The original intention was to produce these on a larger scale but the process of recording resulted in a very different journey. The combination of the inherent properties of Perspex – reflection, absorption, refraction and diffusion with light, movement and photography resulted in these models transforming in terms of scale, structure and perspective. The ethereal and futuristic images contrast sharply with the original small, solid, linear structures. Through the use of photography a basic, functional material becomes a spectral and imponderable image.

Apart from cropping, rotating and repositioning there has been no manipulation of these images.